The Bible accurately foretells specific events – in precise detail – sometimes even centuries before they occur.

Approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible.  About 2000, or 80%, have already been fulfilled to the letter, with no errors.

Because we know that the remaining 500 or so prophecies will definitely be fulfilled, we look for news, and trends, that you’d expect to be taking place.

You might call them the signs of the times.

A Temple, on the original site of the first and second Temples in Jerusalem, is predicted in the Bible.  Daniel discussed events that would take place in a future Temple, and Jesus validated Daniel’s prophecies.

You would therefore expect to see news about the rebuilding of a Temple, and trends in that direction.

One recent article I read was titled, King David’s Descendants Making Case to Reclaim Ownership of Temple Mount.


… a private foundation representing the descendants of King David recently launched a lawsuit presenting a legal claim to ownership of the Temple Mount.

In 2004, Dr. Boruch Fishman, then a recent immigrant to Israel from America, went to tour the tomb of Samuel the prophet north of Jerusalem, which led to a chance meeting with Israel Aurbach, the owner of a nearby farm.  Inspired by the Biblical roots of the setting, they began to discuss the link between the House of David and the Temple Mount.  They noted that King David purchased the site, originally for a simple altar.

The pair concluded that since the site was originally the property of King David, and no one else has legally purchased it in the interim, the Temple Mount should have been passed along as an inheritance to his male descendants.

As a result of the discussion, Dr. Fishman hit upon the idea of creating a legal entity to represent all the descendants of King David.  Anyone who could prove male lineage from the house of David would have a legal claim to inherit the Temple as property.

Dr. Fishman established a foundation to advance the claim of Temple Mount ownership by King David’s descendants, naming it Canfei Nesharim L’maan Hakahal (Wings of Eagles for the Assembly).

At present, the legal entity created by Dr. Fishman represents two claimants who have genealogical records documenting their lineage back to King David through male descendants.

In other Temple news, “The Temple Institute [in Israel] has brought the Third Temple one step closer by establishing a school for Jewish priests (kohanim) to learn how to perform the Temple Service.  A group of students, certified as being from the priestly caste, stands ready to learn all of the details of this complicated task, which may become relevant sooner than anyone thinks.

“It has recreated over 70 vessels that are ready to be used in the Temple, is breeding the Red Heifer in order to purify the Nation of Israel, and has produced the special garb the Bible requires the Kohanim to wear while performing the Temple service.

The Institute has also reconstructed the High Priest’s breastplate featuring the twelve precious stones of the tribes of Israel, the half-ton golden menorah that will stand inside the Temple, and the musical instruments of the Levitical choir.  In addition, it has made significant advances in preparing the architectural plans for the building of the Temple.”

While we look for signs of the times, there is one event that has no sign.  It is presented as being imminent – meaning, it could occur at any moment.

Jesus will come and resurrect the dead believers, than snatch-away those who are alive.  We call this the Rapture of the church.

Are you ready for the rapture?  If not, get ready, stay ready, and keep looking up.  Ready or not, Jesus is coming!