The Bible accurately foretells specific events – in precise detail – sometimes even centuries before they occur.

Approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible. About 2000, or 80%, have already been fulfilled to the letter, with no errors.

Because we know that the remaining 500 or so prophecies will definitely be fulfilled, we look for news, and trends, that you’d expect to be taking place.

You might call them the signs of the times.

Over two thousand years ago, the apostle John saw a future in which some manner of wearable or implanted technology would unite the world in a global, cashless economy.

He saw people having a personal identifier on them, or in them, by which they would transact all daily business.

Futurists like ourselves were ridiculed for taking John literally, and seriously.  Not anymore.  Even mainstream reporters use the term, “mark of the beast,” when discussing advances in tech.

According to a reputable UK news agency, a firm in Belgium is offering to RFID chip its employees instead of issuing them ID cards.

The article was titled, Would YOU let your boss implant you with a microchip? Belgian firm offers to turn staff into cyborgs to replace ID cards.


… workers at a Belgian marketing firm are being offered the chance to have microchips implanted in their bodies.

The chips contain personal information and provide access to the company’s IT systems and headquarters, replacing existing ID cards.  

NewFusion, a marketing firm in Belgium, is offering the chip to its employees.  The chips are inserted between the thumb and index finger.

A growing number of people and businesses are choosing to adopt the practice, known as biohacking.

Implant kits can be bought online, and include a sterile injector with a pre-loaded chip and gauze for wound care.

The chips can be used for a range of applications, from allowing access to properties to logging into computers or even starting motor vehicles.

It is believed there are 10,000 people across the world using the microchip technology inside their bodies.

Not to worry: The mark of the beast – whatever tech eventually becomes its foundation – cannot occur until mid-way through the future Great Tribulation.

Technology itself is NOT the mark, but, rather, the swearing of allegiance to the antichrist, in the face of the Gospel telling you it means eternal damnation.

We won’t be on the earth to see it, and be confronted with swearing allegiance to the antichrist.

Jesus promised He’d come and resurrect the dead in Christ, and rapture living believers, before the Great Tribulation will begin.

There are no prophecies needing to be fulfilled prior to the rapture.  It is presented in the Bible as an imminent event.
Are you ready for the rapture?  If not, get ready, stay ready, and keep looking up.  Ready or not, Jesus is coming!