We focus on prophecy each week for about five-minutes.

It’s more than a curiosity; it’s extremely practical. The apostle Paul said: “[know] the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed” (Romans 13:11).

After discussing the last days, the apostle Peter said, “what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God” (Second Peter 3:11-12).

There are approximately 500 yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecies. Knowing what they say, we expect to see certain trends in the world. We’re not saying these trends are the fulfillment of prophecy – only that things seem to be unfolding just as you’d expect.

Modern Israel is a fulfillment of many prophecies. Her existence, the return of Jews from every corner of the world, and the prosperity of the land, are all miracles.

Something else is going to happen in Israel. According to both Daniel and Jesus, during the future Great Tribulation, a Third Temple will be built in Israel, on the Temple Mount.

You’d therefore expect news about its rebuilding. And there is.

A November 2nd article originating in Israel was titled, Did Brazil’s Election Signal the First Stage in Building the Third Temple?


Brazil’s election of Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing president, highlights a significant shift in thought, moving away from left-wing socialism while unabashedly embracing an approach to Christianity that supports Israel.
It may be that this marks the beginning of the Third Temple, which some believe will be initiated in South America in a process that has already begun.

Bolsonaro… made a campaign promise three months ago that, if elected, he will transfer his country’s embassy to Jerusalem. Though this decision seem purely political, it may have motives deeply grounded in visions of the Third Temple.

Sao Paulo is home to a church built as a four-times larger-than-life $300 million model of Solomon’s Temple that can seat 10,000 worshipers.

One Jewish cleric, Rabbi Weiss, emphasized that a pre-Third Temple connection to South America appears in prophecy as the first stage in establishing a Third Temple.

He points to Isaiah 60:9-10 – “With ships of Tarshish in the lead, To bring your sons from afar, And their silver and gold as well… For the Holy One of Yisrael, who has glorified you. Aliens shall rebuild your walls, Their kings shall wait upon you…”

Rabbi Weiss explained that Tarshish is Spain, or the Spanish speaking world.

“The first ones to come and recognize Jerusalem for the purposes of the Messiah and the Third Temple are the Spanish speakers,” Rabbi Weiss said.

In September, the Sanhedrin hosted the Creation Concert, inviting all the nations of the world to come and praise God in Jerusalem. As part of the concert, the Sanhedrin invited the nations to establish a new international body based on the Bible. On hand were representatives from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico who all signed a declaration of intent to play their prophetic role in helping Israel bring about the Third Temple.


Third Temple news is prevalent – and that is what you’d expect from reading your Bible.

As believers, we expect that Jesus could return at any moment.

Jesus promised He’d return to rapture His church – which entails the resurrection of the dead in Christ of the Church Age, then the translation from earth to Heaven of all living believers.

It is presented in the Bible as an imminent (any-moment) event.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, get ready, stay ready, and keep looking up. Ready or not, Jesus is coming!