We focus on Bible prophecy each week for about five-minutes, calling it a “Prophecy Update.”

Scholars say that of the 2500 or so prophecies in the Bible, there are approximately 500 prophecies of the End Times that are awaiting fulfillment.

We should be able to see things trending in the direction of those prophecies. For example: The Bible predicted that Israel, and Jerusalem in particular, would be incredibly troublesome politically in the End Times. It was to be expected; and it is obviously unfolding just as God predicted.

When talking about the End Times, we frequently use the phrase, “One-World Government.” It comes from a literal reading of passages in the Revelation.

A component of the One-World Government will be a global system of currency.

You’d therefore expect talk of global government, and movement in the direction of global currency.

I read an article titled, Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government.

The title tells us everything we need to know; but here are a few excerpts:

At a meeting of the Pontifical Academy held recently, Pope Francis advocated a policy of decreased national sovereignty and increased global unity. A shift toward globalism is necessary, he said, in order to fight climate change and other worldwide “threats.”

Our only hope for planetary peace and progress is to make room for “international organizations” to develop into governing bodies, supplanting the “state interests” with the will of the United Nations, he stated.


Meanwhile our friends over at Facebook are working on launching a global currency. The article states, “Facebook is finalizing plans to launch its own crypto-currency next year. It is planning to set up a digital payments system in about a dozen countries by the first quarter of 2020. The social media giant wants to start testing its crypto-currency, which has been referred to internally as GlobalCoin, by the end of this year.”


Forty years ago, when I got saved, prophecy ministries were predicting global government, and the development of global currency. It seemed ridiculous; but the Bible predicted it.

It’s not so ridiculous now. It’s happening. That is one reason it is so mind-blowing to me that so many pulpits have effectively abandoned a futurist view of prophecy. It makes no biblical or logical sense that they would do that when so much is now being revealed. And when nonbelievers are more interested in prophecy than ever. Just look at the media:

On television, recent apocalyptic shows are The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Colony, Salvation, Aftermath The 100, Z Nation, Falling Skies, The Last Ship, and Containment. Netflix has been promoting Good Omens in which a demon and an angel seem to be working together to stop an 11 year old Antichrist.
In theaters this year alone we have The Last Man, Crossbreed, Battle Angel Alita, Chaos Walking, Captive State, Terminator 6, and A Quiet Place 2.

If someone wants to argue there are always apocalyptic shows, well OK; that makes the point that nonbelievers are interested in how it ends.

And we know!

Jesus promised He’d return to rapture His church – which entails the resurrection of the dead in Christ of the Church Age, then the translation from earth to Heaven of all living believers.

It is presented in the Bible as an imminent (any-moment) event.

Then comes the seven-year great tribulation; then comes the second coming of Jesus Christ; then comes the 1000 year kingdom on earth; then comes the final judgment of all mankind; then comes eternity – with the Lord in Heaven, or without Him in conscious torment in the Lake of Fire.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, get ready, stay ready, and keep looking up. Ready or not, Jesus is coming!