We like to spend a few minutes talking about trends and Bible prophecy.

The New Testament tells you and I repeatedly that we are living in the last days before the coming of Jesus Christ. Not only are we told that, but there is evidence to back it up. There are signs that we’re living in the last days:

The explosion of knowledge (Dan.12:4)
Global communication (Rev. 11:4).
The rise of Europe as a superpower and the move towards a one world government. (Revelation 13).
The move towards a one world cashless society (Revelation 13).
The alignment of hostile nations against Israel (Ezekiel 38).
International conflict over Israel (Zech.12:3).
The movement of Israel to rebuild their temple (Matt.24:15).
The birth of the Israel as a nation (Isa.66:8).

500 end times Bible prophecies remain to be fulfilled. You’d therefore expect there to be news, and trends, that anticipate their fulfillment.

Everyone has some familiarity with what the Bible calls “the Mark of the Beast.” In the future seven-year Tribulation, a system will exist by which everyone transacts all their business without cash, by means of some sort of ‘mark’ on their hand or forehead.
At the mid-point of the Tribulation, the world leader most commonly referred to as The Antichrist, will demand everyone worship him.

If a person does, they have taken his mark, so to speak.
If a person does not worship him, they will be cut-off from being able to buy or sell anything.

It sounds a great deal like biometrics; or, perhaps, an imbedded microchip.

Along the lines of human microchipping, MIT Technology Review posted an article titled, This company embeds microchips in its employees, and they love it.


When Patrick McMullan wants a Diet Dr Pepper while he’s at work, he pays for it with a wave of his hand. McMullan has a microchip implanted between his thumb and forefinger, and the vending machine immediately deducts money from his account. At his office, he’s one of dozens of employees who have been doing likewise for a year now.

McMullan is the president of Three Square Market, a technology company that provides self-service mini-markets to hospitals, hotels, and company break rooms. Last August, he became one of roughly 50 employees at its headquarters in River Falls, Wisconsin, who volunteered to have a chip injected into their hand.

The idea came about in early 2017, he says, when he was on a business trip to Sweden – a country where some people are getting subcutaneous microchips to do things like enter secure buildings or book train tickets. It’s one of very few places where chip implants, which have been around for quite a while, have taken off in some fashion.

They’re intended to make it a little easier to do things like get into the office, log on to computers, and buy food and drinks in the company cafeteria. Like many RFID chips, they are passive – they don’t have batteries, and instead get their power from an RFID reader when it requests data from the chip. McMullan’s chip includes identifying information to grant him access to the building, as well as some basic medical information, for instance.


Reading the Bible from a literal, futurist perspective (like we do), this kind of thing is exactly what you’d expect to be happening.

You’d mostly expect that Jesus could return at any moment.

Jesus promised He’d return to rapture His church – which entails the resurrection of the dead in Christ of the Church Age, then the translation from earth to Heaven of all living believers.

It is presented in the Bible as an imminent (any-moment) event.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, get ready, stay ready, and keep looking up. Ready or not, Jesus is coming!