We focus on Bible prophecy each week for about five-minutes, calling it a “Prophecy Update.”

The Bible is about 35% prophecy. There are about 500 unfulfilled, Last Days prophecies. Since every past prophecy has been literally fulfilled, we expect every future prophecy to be literally fulfilled.

One set of prophecies that has fascinated both believers and scoffers is that of a powerful world leader controlling the buying and selling of all his subjects. Known popularly as the antichrist, his authority over people will be god-like, as they swear their allegiance to him.

A dystopian authoritarian world government that could literally control its citizen’s buying and selling has seemed impossible… Until very recently.

Advances in biometrics makes it possible to bring people under such control.

Still – who would stand for it? We’ve reported on such things being implemented in China. You might expect it there – where it can be enforced. But certainly a more democratic people would not allow themselves to be treated that way willingly, would they?

Line is the name of Japan’s dominant social media company. I read an article titled, Line just went Orwellian on Japanese users with its social credit score.


It appears other countries besides China are heading toward a bleak dystopian future where a human being is scored by their online activities. Only this time, it’s a tech company and not a government implementing the social credit score.

While not as bleak as China’s social credit system, today Line… introduced a slew of new products – the most alarming among them, Line Score…

Line Score will use AI to give a social credit score to Line users.
The strength of their social credit score will allow them to get access to better special deals and offers that Line users with lower social credit scores will not have access to.


Reading the Bible as you should, with the understanding that the future prophecies are literal, not symbolic, you expect to see trends like this one in Japan.

We’re not saying the things we report are the fulfillment – only that they are things to be expected.

Reading through the Revelation, you see that in the future Great Tribulation there will be a cashless, global economy. People on the earth will transact all business via what is called a “mark” on their hands or forehead. This cashless system later gets taken over by the man most commonly called the antichrist.

Jesus promised He’d return to rapture His church – which entails the resurrection of the dead in Christ of the Church Age, then the translation from earth to Heaven of all living believers. It is presented in the Bible as an imminent (any-moment) event.

Then comes the seven-year great tribulation; then comes the second coming of Jesus Christ; then comes the 1000 year kingdom on earth; then comes the final judgment of all mankind; then comes eternity – with the Lord in Heaven, or without Him in conscious torment in the Lake of Fire.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, get ready, stay ready, and keep looking up. Ready or not, Jesus is coming!