We focus on Bible prophecy each week for about five-minutes, calling it a “Prophecy Update.”

The Bible is about 30% prophecy. There are approximately 500 prophecies awaiting literal fulfillment. We contend that, since we are living in the Last Days, trends in the world should be predictable based on what the Bible says is going to happen.

Many of the unfulfilled prophecies have to do with the future seven-year Great Tribulation. In the middle of those years, the world leader we most commonly call the antichrist will assume complete control over his citizens. No one will be able to buy or sell, or conduct any business, without swearing allegiance to him. It will be a terrifying authoritarian government.

Thus we would expect governments to be trending towards more invasive, authoritarian control. They are.
One article I read was titled, Creepy Chinese facial recognition system puts your name and photo on a billboard if you jaywalk.


It’s something that many people do without giving it a second thought, but if you jaywalk in China , you could be publicly shamed.

Facial recognition technology is being used in several Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Shenzhen, which can spot people jaywalking, and post their photo and ID to a huge billboard.

Speaking to Channel News Asia , Janine Wong, a news researcher in Shanghai explained: “It doesn’t matter if you’re walking or riding a bicycle. (Your picture) will be captured, and your face will show up on a screen nearby so everyone can see your face. Once they identify your face, all your information (like mobile phone number) is linked.”

Facial recognition is widely used across China, including in several airports.


Here at home, another article was titled, Amazon says it’s considered face scanning in Ring doorbells.


Amazon has considered adding facial recognition technology to its Ring doorbell cameras, according to a letter to a U.S. senator defending its video-sharing partnerships with police.

The company told Sen. Ed Markey that facial recognition is a “contemplated, but unreleased feature” of its home security cameras but that there are no plans to coordinate that feature with its law enforcement partnerships.

Markey wrote to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in September raising privacy and civil liberty concerns about Ring’s video-sharing agreements with police departments across the country. The company encourages police to tap into Ring’s Neighbors app, a forum for residents to share videos of suspicious activity captured by their home security cameras.

The Massachusetts Democrat also expressed alarm that Ring may be pursuing face-scanning technology after a patent application showed the company is exploring a system that could flag certain people as suspicious and automatically alert police.


Elizabeth Denham is the Information Commissioner in England. She said live facial recognition was a significant change in policing techniques that raises “serious concerns.”
“Never before have we seen technologies with the potential for such widespread invasiveness. The results of that investigation raise serious concerns about the use of a technology that relies on huge amounts of sensitive personal information.”

It is as expected from reading your Bible.

Jesus promised He’d return to rapture His church – which entails the resurrection of the dead in Christ of the Church Age, then the translation from earth to Heaven of all living believers.

It is presented in the Bible as an imminent (any-moment) event.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, get ready, stay ready, and keep looking up. Ready or not, Jesus is coming!