We reserve a few minutes each Sunday to discuss current trends in the light of Bible prophecy.

We are futurists. We interpret the unfulfilled prophetic portions of the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation, and all other unfulfilled prophecies, as future events occurring in a literal, physical, apocalyptic, and global context.

Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, cashless commerce, the manipulation of human DNA, global government, and the exponential growth of human knowledge are all areas we see corroborating the End Times prophecies of the Bible.

We have for many decades understood from Bible prophecy that the End Times would feature a cashless, contactless global system of economics. Something in or on a person’s hand or forehead will allow them to conduct all necessary business and commerce.

The world leader we commonly call the antichrist will take control of this system and thereby take control of his citizens.

One pretty good argument against this ever happening was that the world’s governments would never be able to force everyone into participation. It’s an argument that is being undermined before our eyes, thanks to the global pandemic.

I read a post on MedicalExpress.com titled, Compulsory jabs: Pressure grows on anti-vaxxers.


A growing number of countries and territories around the world are forcing people to be vaccinated against COVID19.

Tajikistan and the Vatican are among the rare countries imposing vaccinations on all adults. In ex-Soviet Tajikistan the official news agency has published a government decree obliging all over 18s to be vaccinated, without giving further details.

In the Vatican, the world’s smallest state, vaccinations were made obligatory for residents and workers in February, with those refusing liable to be sacked.

Italian doctors and health workers in the public and private sector must get vaccinated or face being banned from working directly with patients.

On June 16 the British government announced all care home staff in England will need to be fully vaccinated. If approved by parliament, the new legislation means anyone working in a care home must have two doses of a vaccine from October unless they have a medical exemption. The rules will apply to all workers employed directly by the care home, as well as to agency workers and volunteers.

The mayor of Moscow ordered mandatory jabs for residents of the Russian capital working in the service industry on June 16. Some 60 percent of all service industry workers in Moscow – just over two million people – were ordered to be fully vaccinated by August 15.

Since then other localities have taken similar measures, including badly-hit Saint Petersburg.

Kazakhstan on July 1 ordered mandatory coronavirus vaccinations for a wide range of workers who come into contact with others. Those who refuse will be restricted from working face-to-face with other people.

The city of San Francisco has announced it will require all municipal employees to be vaccinated or they could face penalties up to and including dismissal. The new rule will not take effect until the vaccines have received full approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, which has so far given the green light for their use on an emergency basis due to the pandemic.

More than 150 employees at the Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas have already been fired or resigned after failing to comply with orders to get a shot.


I listened to a short clip of an official in New Zealand saying they would be “chasing out” those without vaccination or who “missed their bookings” to be vaccinated. He said “everyone will be able to get a vaccination,” noting that some of them “we will have to go out and look for… Go out and find.”

The NY Times reported, “Faced with a steep decline in vaccination rates, President Biden said on Tuesday that his administration would send people door to door, set up clinics at workplaces and urge employers to offer paid time off as part of a renewed push to reach tens of millions of unvaccinated Americans. But top health experts say that it is simply not enough, and that the president needs to take the potentially unpopular step of encouraging states, employers and colleges and universities to require vaccinations to slow the spread of the coronavirus.”


I’m presenting a prophecy update, not giving you opinions about COVID19 and whether or not to be vaccinated. Those are your personal choices.

I’m pointing to how easy it is becoming to force participation upon the entire global community.

COVID19 has accelerated acceptance of invasive methods that could easily be the precursor to the global cashless, contactless system of commerce we have long expected from reading the Bible.

We believe the resurrection and rapture of the church is imminent. It could happen any moment; nothing needs to happen before it. It will happen before the Great Tribulation.

• Jesus will return in the clouds.
• He will raise the dead in Christ.
• He will transform the bodies of living believers to glorified, resurrection bodies.
• We will all join Him in Heaven while the earth endures one final seven-year campaign of severe evangelism.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, Get ready; Stay ready; Keep looking up.

Ready or not, Jesus is coming!