We reserve a few minutes to discuss current trends that you’d expect from reading Bible prophecy.

There are hundreds of unfulfilled prophecies. We are futurists. We interpret them as future events that will occur in a literal, physical, apocalyptic, and global context.

The believers in the current Church Age will be resurrected and raptured. A strong world leader will rise to power sometime afterward and exercise totalitarian control of his citizens. He will require they swear allegiance to him. Anyone who refuses will be executed.

“Totalitarian” is a word we are hearing a lot:

Canadian author and psychologist Jordan Peterson has called COVID19 vaccine mandates as an imitation of “a totalitarian state.”

In New York state, Putnam County Legislature Health Committee unanimously adopted a resolution denouncing COVID19 vaccine mandates, using the term “totalitarian” to refer to them.

U.S. Representative Fred Keller called President Biden’s plan “totalitarian measures.”

Political commentator Candace Owens has called the Australian government a totalitarian regime.

Gunnar Beck, a German member of the European Parliament, calls Europe’s COVID policies dangerously tyrannical and authoritarian. “We are not talking about the Black Death here,” Beck said. “I’m not even sure the Black Death would warrant the effective suspension of the rule of law, constitutional government, and democracy.”

Beck was quoted in an article titled, “Totalitarian Police State” – Unvaccinated Europeans Fight for Rights as COVID Restrictions Tighten.


Nation by nation, Europe is turning into a two-tiered society in which those who refuse to be vaccinated will live under lockdown without full access to society or jobs, facing fines and even jail. 
In Italy, the unvaccinated now must take a COVID test every 48 hours if they want to live a free life. 

Austria has become ground zero for the world’s toughest COVID crackdown. The unvaccinated have already been in lockdown for almost a month and will have to pay $4,000 in fines every three months unless they not only get vaccinated but also get booster shots.

Eric Hewitt is an American living in Austria with his wife and five children. “The government is attempting to transform the society into a totalitarian police state,” Hewitt said. 

Hewitt’s unvaccinated children have been kicked out of music school for refusing daily COVID tests. They are only allowed to enter grocery stores and pharmacies.

“The toy store wouldn’t let my wife in to buy a toy for a birthday,” Hewitt explained. 


Alexander Tschugguel, a Catholic activist with the St. Boniface Institute, says Austrians have become the lab rats of the Western World and believes the Austrian experiment will spread.  He asked, “Do you want the government, which enforces things like abortion, homosexual marriage, which definitely shows that they not only do not follow the teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but rather fight against it? Do you want them to have every information available, full control of where you are allowed to go and where you’re not allowed to go?”

Meanwhile, in Australia: If you live in the Northern Territory, at least till the end of the week, you are restricted to your home. You can get food, go get a Covid test or jab, go to the hospital, or take care of an elderly family member. Otherwise, if you don’t have the shot you have to stay home.

It’s basically a vaccine passport system to walk outside your door.

A Swedish start-up tech company has invented a scannable microchip that is implanted in people’s arms and can display your COVID19 vaccination status.
This digital implant is designed to be embedded into people’s arms so your vaccine passport pops up when scanned.

I came across this quote: “This is all about Digital ID and a globalized totalitarian social credit system. The vaccine passport is a Trojan horse towards all of this. Energy consumption and personal finance come next.”

It sounds eerily like the future Mark of the Beast by which government will control every aspect of a person’s life.

We are getting a preview of conditions that the Bible predicts will prevail in the future Great Tribulation.

We believe the resurrection and rapture of the church are imminent. It could happen at any moment; nothing needs to happen before it. It will occur before the Great Tribulation.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, Get ready; Stay ready; Keep looking up.

Ready or not, Jesus is coming!